Delivering Gigabit tier service with wireless using 60 Ghz or 6 Ghz band

In the recent order regarding the RDOF auction the FCC said “While an applicant will be permitted to select the Gigabit performance tier in its application if it intends to use fixed wireless or DSL technologies for meeting its Auction 904 public interest obligations, such applicants face a high burden to persuade Commission staff that they are reasonably capable of meeting the public interest obligations in rural areas and thus qualified to bid for the Gigabit performance tier.

This paper from 竞博jbo官网登录 is designed to assist prospective bidders to persuade the Commission staff that the Gigabit tier is most certainly capable and that many of our customers are qualified and currently delivering a Gigabit service.

60 GHz毫米波

 (V-Band) fixed wireless technology that makes it easy to meet the surging demand for bandwidth in urban locations. Service providers now have access to multi-gigabit speeds in multiple configurations, including business and residential last mile access and backhaul for wireless MicroPoP access. 获得脸谱网 Terragraph网格技术认证, these 60 GHz solutions make it easy to provide efficient multi-gigabit speeds in the heart of any city.

802多模.11ay标准系统可配置点对点(PTP), 点对多点(PMP), 或者有效的网状模式. 该解决方案提供了对用户家庭的最后一英里访问, 企业, and multi-dwelling buildings as well as transport for video surveillance and public Wi-Fi networks.


The solution operates in the 57 to 66 GHz bands with channel bandwidth of 2.16ghz,提供高达10gbps (L1)的总吞吐量. 模块包括用于噪音隔离的智能波束形成, a GPS receiver to reduce self-interference and are designed for easy installation.

  • V5000 Distribution Node (DN) forms the mesh network and provides coverage. 每个V5000有两个扇区,最多可提供20 Gbps.
  • 客户端节点(CN)有两种范围和容量选项:
    • V3000 – 10 Gbps throughput at a range of up to 800m in point-to-point mode and to 500m in multipoint mode
    • V1000 - 1gbps吞吐量范围高达200米

In a recent global survey of 800 service providers conducted by 竞博jbo官网登录, the top three applications for 60 GHz technology are business connectivity, 住宅接入和Wi-Fi回程. To deliver the best quality of experience in these and other applications, 形成层解决方案使用802架构.11ay标准,更大容量, 更好的信道访问, 支持网格支持和更多订阅者.

Cambium can achieve +1Gbps downlink speeds utilizing the unlicensed 60 GHz band spectrum. 我们的解决方案支持CH1到CH4,通道大小为2.16个GHz. With modulation from BPSK to 16 QAM, the radio supports downlink throughput up to 1.92 Gbps. 启用频道绑定. 无线电可以支持下行链路吞吐量高达3.84 Gbps.


6 GHz

The recently available 6GHz of spectrum in standard power mode has opened up the possibility to offer Gigabit speeds via fixed outdoor wireless broadband equipment and in fact to some extent in the current 5GHz spectrum. 竞博jbo官网登录 is currently developing both a 5GHz and 6GHz range of fixed wireless broadband equipment capable of offering greater than 1Gbps service to customers throughout the fixed wireless community. This new technology leveraging the 6GHz spectrum is based on chipsets and capabilities derived from the 802.11 ax技术.

在信道宽度为160MHz的情况下执行的能力, achieving maximum modulations of 1024QAM or 4096 QAM allows the fixed wireless equipment to confidently offer gigabit speeds to a wide swath of rural customers. Based on Cambium Network’s tests and analysis the following performance numbers can be achieved confidently via the use of 160MHz spectrum in the 6GHz spectrum in conjunction with the hardware based on AX technology.

Following an EIRP of 36dBm at the AP and SM antenna of 25dBi in low interference scenarios, 操作员可以提供

1.6个千兆比特每秒 DL速度水平1024 QAM调制在距离1.3英里.

In the same distance, uplink of approximately 500Mbps can be achieved. 此外, assuming rural deployment and very low interference that do not necessarily require synchronization and a fixed DL/UL ratio, DL和UL性能可以同时为1.6个千兆比特每秒.

竞博jbo官网登录 is also planning to offer a platform that can achieve 4096 QAM. 随着本平台的使用,在低干扰环境下,在 .6 mile distances, DL speeds of 2Mbps can be achieved and uplink speeds of 576Mbps.

Below chart offers a visual on distances that can be achieved against interference levels.

The table below highlights the key technology attributes that allows for the 802.11ax based solutions to achieve Gbps performance in fixed wireless deployments.

Additionally, the below table for 6 GHz rates highlights the various configurations under 802.11ax based solutions for fixed wireless where greater than 1Gbps DL and 500Mbps UL performance can be offered.

MCS -表示“调制和编码方案”
R -编码速率
Nbpscs -每个载波的编码位数
Nsd -数据子载波数
Ncbps -每个OFDM符号的编码位数
Ndbps -每个OFDM符号的数据位数

Note: For UL TDD, the estimations here are based on a pure GPS sync’d TDD frame structure. 对于不需要GPS同步的情况,例如低干扰, 低密度部署, 一个灵活的调度器可以在DL和UL中实现~2Mbps.

总之, the 6GHz spectrum combined with 竞博jbo官网登录 solution leveraging operation in contiguous 160MHz spectrum, 支持1024/4096QAM, OFDMA效率11AX标准, operators can confidently offer greater than 1Gbps service in the DL and 500Mbps of service in the uplink.

Please note that short-form applications must be electronically submitted on Form 183 before 6 PM Eastern Time on July 15, 2020. 申请将于2020年7月1日在网上提交.  有关RDOF的更多信息,请参见 FCC的网站, especially the Auction Procedures Public Notice and the Application Tutorial.